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Asian BRIDES: ASIAN Bride Tours

International marriages are on the rise. Western men have a growing trend of choosing their brides from other countries. In this regard, Asian girls are scoring high. Today, almost 50% of interracial marriages are between an American man and an Asian woman. Even in countries like Sweden, the percentage of Thai wives is the highest. Thus, be it Thais and Filipinas, Chinese or Japanese, Asian women are the most sought after in recent times.

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A romance tour takes you to three countries, such as Thailand, China, and the Philippines, where you have a greater chance of meeting your future spouse. During the romance tour, you are also acquainted with a large group of Asian women, allowing you to see how incredible they are. Since each country has so many diverse viewpoints and cultures, you can either visit one country or seek out multiple Asian romance tours to find the ideal location and partner.

Marrying an Asian bride is an increasing trend

Most Western men are settling for Asian brides nowadays. When choosing brides, they look for Asian countries like Japan, China, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. One reason behind this phenomenon is many women available in these countries. Asia covers around 30% of the world’s landmass. Countries like China and India are highly populated and contain a higher percentage of young people. Advanced Western countries are witnessing a fall in total population due to the decreasing population growth rate. With an increase in education levels and an increased number of women joining the workforce, the women of these countries are showing less interest in marriages. The high divorce rate indicates society is falling apart, with many unmarried men and women dissatisfied with their love lives. In such a situation, the women of these countries look for partners elsewhere. Asia has become their obvious choice with its vast number of young women.

Moreover, the governments of Asia are diverse, with many variations in ethnicity, which gives the men a broader pool to choose from. From the Philippines to China, you would find a wide variety of skin tones, eye shapes, the color of the skin, and hair. However, certain things are daily amidst varied features, like faithfulness, loyalty, perseverance, and respect. Most Asian women are focused on being married and having a family. They give family priority in their lives. This is quite unusual in the West, where women are so career-centric that they don’t even want to get married. Their entire focus is on their career, jobs, and personal lives. This makes Western guys wary of marrying women from their own countries.

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However, when it comes to Asian ladies, they bring so much joy and happiness into the lives of their husbands that most men long to have them in their lives. The girls from China, Thailand, and the Philippines are raised to become good wives. Asian countries’ traditional society emphasizes decency, faithfulness, and commitment. Thus, the girls remain committed to relationships. This is unusual for Western males who love to have these women in their lives.

Asian girls, educated and modern, want to marry Western guys. The idea of a romantic relationship with a man appeals to them. However, they won’t marry anyone who comes their way. They look for men who can satisfy their needs and become good partners. They want their men to understand, respect, and make them feel special. If you are one of those men who are sensitive, romantic, and ready to understand Eastern culture, take a plunge. Find an Asian bride and make her your wife. You will never regret the decision.

Why are Asian Brides so Popular?

Since the medieval age, the West and the East’s relationship flourished through trade. The oriental culture, with all its mysticism and profound philosophy, appealed to Western men. However, since traveling was arduous, Western countries couldn’t visit Eastern countries frequently. Thus, it was difficult for western men to meet the women from this enchanting land. However, with the development of the means of communication, western men came in contact with women from Asia, and slowly interracial marriages started happening.

The boom in internet use saw intercontinental marriages reach their height. The concept of mail-order brides also swept the market, and more men from the west started dating Asian girls. Online dating sites began registering Asian females ready to break the shackles and date western men.

The reason behind Asian girls joining dating sites was grave. In the Asian subcontinent, women were never given the freedom to lead their own lives. Society is highly patriarchal, so the male family members make all the significant decisions. From education to marriage, from giving birth to children to getting into jobs, a woman has no right to decide for herself.

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The perfect wife is an Asian bride

Arranged marriages are still famous on the Asian continent. The family’s parents or elders find a groom for the daughters and must accept the choice. The family chooses a groom, keeping in mind the greater interest of the family. In most situations, the women are forced to marry guys of their parent’s choice. Society expects women to love and respect the man whom their family chooses for them. Although the system has diluted nowadays, and there are many instances where girls select their life partners, society still plays a vital role in marriages. A woman cannot marry a man in many parts of Asia unless her family approves of him.

from Asia with LoveThe young Asian girls, educated and exposed to Western culture, find arranged marriage regressive. They want to find a groom for themselves and join online dating sites. Thus, thousands of young girls from China, Thailand, the Philippines, and Malaysia join international dating sites today.

Asian girls wish to find men who would understand them. Having witnessed western society through books and films, they also desire to enjoy a romantic life. Asian girls seek equality in relationships. They also want to lead an independent life and make their own decisions.

The standard of living in Asia is lower than in western countries. The people must toil hard, especially in the countryside, to make ends meet. Since the dollar is stronger than the Eastern currencies, people with decent incomes are considered rich according to Asian standards. Hence, average guys are considered good matches in Asian countries and can easily find suitable grooms—one word of caution here. Being a land with tremendous disparity, Asia has a massive gap in education, culture, and financial conditions between people who live in the cities and the villages.

While most significant cities in countries like Japan, China, and the Philippines are at par with western countries, the villages lag. The people who stay in the cities are educated, financially well-off, and know English. People who work for MNCs or other big companies often travel overseas and come into contact with Western culture. They find it easier to adjust to the modern societies of the west. The women also wear trendy clothes, travel a lot, and are eager to enjoy the amenities of the Western world. While choosing Asian brides, you should be aware of the divide between the village and cities and find suitable matches for yourself.

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Modern Asian girls for dating

If you have formed your idea of Asian ladies from the films and books popular in the west, you need to do a reality check. Modern Asian brides are far from what is depicted in the fictional work. She is strong, educated, informed, and ready to take the shots. It is worth mentioning one thing here. Although women from Asia were made to listen to their parents and lead a submissive life, they possessed innate power that made them exist against all odds. The hardships of daily life and the restrictions imposed on her have made her resilient. Most Asian girls study hard because education is an empowering factor. So, don’t expect Asian brides to be submissive and silent. She is not just a pretty face but a strong person who can stand up for her rights.

Today, most Asian women are coming out of the shadows of their families and claiming their rights. They still hold the traditional values but are fighting a battle against society. They don’t allow the community to make all decisions on their behalf. Most women choose their life partners and voice their opinions on family matters.

Why do Asian women want to marry western men?

This is a valid question that demands in-depth study. The answer lies in how Asian society functions and subjugates women and opens the countries that are blurring the differences between the west and the east.
The desire to have a better life

A lure of a good life is the first reason behind Asians wishing to marry foreigners. Most of the countries of Asia are poverty-stricken. Although open trade has improved the condition, economic disparity has taken its toll on people’s lives. Since most people live in poverty, the educated class with access to the internet and other facilities dreams of a better life. The current generation of Chinese, Thais, and Vietnamese aspire to lead a good life. Thus, young and educated Asian women want to marry western men and settle in western countries.

The positive image of western guys

YinThe image of western men is very bright in the east. They are considered romantic, sensitive, and respectful toward women. Western society teaches men to see women equally, which appeals to the East’s women, who are always expected to obey orders only. Western guys share household chores which are unexpected in Asia. Women from Asia who have married foreign husbands always share these stories that make young girls dream of loving husbands. The western treatment guy met out to their women, or their care impresses the Asian ladies. So, most wish to have husbands like those they hear of or see on television or in movies. Those who are resourceful get on to online dating to find their husbands.

The social stigma of marrying late

In most Asian countries, girls are married off young. However, those girls who show the grit to study further and get into their dream profession are isolated in society. Many stigmas attach to them, making it hard for them to find suitable husbands. On the one hand, society does not approve of their remaining unmarried. On the other hand, there is a shortage of eligible men who can match their qualifications and financial condition. Thus, lawyers, doctors, and engineers from China and Thailand cannot find partners in their communities. These women turn to online dating to find their grooms from foreign lands where they can find love and respect.

Asian girls are looking for romance abroad

Asian society doesn’t believe in giving women the freedom to choose their husbands. Often the girls are married off without their consent. No matter how incredible it sounds, it is a custom that most girls meet their husbands for the first time only after the wedding. Often, the men marry to please their parents or get house help. It is imaginable that girls do not get any taste for romance. They are expected to perform their duties towards their in-laws and husbands. Having several wives is another evil that is common in Asian society. All these lead the young girls to despise men from their own countries.

The idea of a loving husband who respects and takes care of their opinions is so appealing that Asian girls join online dating to find foreign grooms. Western men, especially Americans and Europeans, are relaxed and confident. They are settled and enjoy life. Asian girls believe these men can help them lead the life they aspire to.

What makes Asian girls different from western girls?

By now, you must have realized many differences between Asian and western girls. Their personalities differ significantly since these women are raised under different value systems.

A notable difference is how Western girls give their opinions while Asians don’t. Most western ladies have views on everything, everything under the sun. They decide what is good for them and provide their views on other issues. However, Asian girls are seldom found to give opinions. Even when asked for their ideas, they may keep quiet.

Asian girls want their husbands to make all the significant decisions. Even in times of crisis, they prefer to keep quiet. Initially, western males may enjoy the importance they get, but this may put more pressure on them as they have to take responsibility for everything. This may burden men since men and women share responsibilities equally in Western society.

So, if you marry an Asian girl, help her gain confidence and participate in the family’s decision-making process. This may take a bit of time, but she would be able to take responsibility on her shoulder with your encouragement and support. This will make the relationship grow and empower her, suitable for future generations.

Dating Asian Women – it’s all about marriage

To western men, dating is just a way to know more women. Most men date to make new girlfriends and enjoy their company. If they get along well and develop feelings for each other, they take the relationship to the next level; otherwise, they remain friends or move ahead. However, Asian women mix up with members of the opposite sex with only marriage. They go dating to find a man or woman they can marry. Thus, dating is relationship-oriented only.

Why are Asian girls and White men the most common interracial couples ?A person with many friends of the opposite sex is considered frivolous and looked down upon by society. Asian girls, in particular, date a girl with only marriage in her mind. She aims to find a man with whom she can settle down. Seldom would she break up with a man once she has committed herself. Having a single man in her life for her is a matter of great honor. Even men prefer women with no history of dating many men. The ideal woman should have only one partner in her life.

There is one positive side to this mentality. Asian women would work hard on a relationship to make it work. Since leaving a man and finding another is not her idea of a relationship, she would try to succeed. As a result, you would get a committed girlfriend who would remain devoted to you. Moreover, your Asian girlfriend would be less likely to cheat on you. She would stay by your side at times of difficulty as she has been taught to support her man, no matter what comes.

Take your time in getting into a relationship with an Asian girl

As I mentioned before, since Asian women are more serious about a relationship and want to make it last a lifetime, you must be sure before committing yourself. Once you get into a relationship in Asia, all your relatives and friends pressure you to continue. So, if you are pursuing any Asian girl, try to know her first. Understand her, be friends, and if you think she would be the right choice for you, start dating her.

One more thing. The western concept of dating multiple girls and choosing one to marry may not work in Asia. You may get a scope in big cities like Shanghai and Manila, but it would be impossible to follow this in smaller towns. People may misunderstand you or get hurt. So, please proceed with caution, and once you find the right girl, get serious about her. Remember that Asia’s society is traditional, and you cannot expect people to understand your liberal attitude.

Tips on dating Asian girls

Meet Beautiful Asian Women and Chat with Single Asian GirlsIf you can handle the language and cultural barrier, things will become accessible. The best thing to do is to communicate freely to understand each other. Discuss each other’s likes and dislikes, family, culture, jobs, and values. As you get closer, raise issues like religion and politics, too, as if you decide to marry her, you have to find ways to accommodate the differences.

Dating an Asian bride is more accessible as she would be eager to have a good relationship with you. Most Asian girls adjust to nature and do not mind migrating to another country. However, discussing these issues and sorting them out is always better. You may also want to settle down in her city, as many Western men do for a change. You would find many interracial couples settled in Chinese and Vietnamese cities. Even the Philippines is a good option.

Once you marry your Asian girlfriend, you can wait a few years to settle down. Her family would be happy to have you as a new member. Asians welcome their guests with a lot of respect, and if you are going to marry their daughter, expect special treatment. You will be showered with attention and gifts.

How to find an Asian bride?

Asian brides, Chinese brides, Thai brides, Filipina brides - Asian mail order bridesIt is not easy to find an Asian bride. You must try reliable dating sites to find suitable women to date. There are Asian dating sites that focus on countries like Thailand, China, and the Philippines. Try these dating sites to date only Chinese women or Thai women. Otherwise, choose a dating platform containing Asian girls to get a wider variety.

Before jumping on the bandwagon, it is advisable to study Asian culture and get acquainted with its traditions. Social customs vary across countries, and not knowing them may make you commit mistakes. So, check a bit, learn the basics of social customs, and impress your Asian bride.

Another viable option to meet Asian brides is to try Asian romance tours. Many dating sites and services conduct these dating tours. You will visit the continent’s major cities and meet plenty of young girls ready to marry a western guy. You would love their company since these women are from metropolitan cities and know English. They are nice to get to know and make excellent partners.

After meeting girls, you can choose your bride from them and marry her soon. It would be best to get her visa to take your wife home. Nowadays, the visa rules are pretty relaxed, and you can quickly bring your wife home. Marrying a girl from Asia may prove to be a fantastic experience. Asian girls make good wives and try to keep their husbands happy, and they are hard-working and devoted. They also make good mothers and teach their children good values.

Asian Dating Tours

Asian Women Romance Tours – International Introductions Dating Tours specially designed for single men. A Romance tour provides the facility for meeting and interacting with many beautiful Asian women. Western men who frequently travel to Asian countries also take Asian Dating tours to give a new romantic twist to their dull lives. Single men can choose from various Asian countries on an Asian romance tour, such as China, Thailand & Vietnam, and the Philippines. To go on a dating tour, you will first require a fantastic tour operator like They arrange romance tours to many Asian countries.

Asian Romance Tours – schedule 2023

August 25September 714 days/13 nights$3595
October 6October 127 days/6 nights$2795
October 6October 1510 days/9 nights$3195
October 6October 1914 days/13 nights$3695
November 17November 237 days/6 nights$2795


Asian romance tours

Included in an Asian romance tour are the following:

  • Transfer from the airport
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Individual introductions to hundreds of Latin women listed in our dating catalog
  • Two catered and invitation-only social events
  • Everyday breakfast
  • Complimentary interpreters at all social gatherings
  • One hotel area
  • City sightseeing
  • Interpretation services are provided at no cost in the hospitality room
  • One month of Platinum Membership (a value of $95)
  • A PDF version of Bud Patterson’s “Foreign Bride 101: A How-To Guide for Nice Guys”
  • Free $50 Express Mail credit to enhance your correspondence opportunities before your trip
  • Free Fiancee Visa Kit (for U.S. residents only) $89.50 value

Numerous other services are offered to make your stay as comfortable and comprehensive as possible. You entrust us with the planning, and we’ll entrust you with our affection. Therefore, come on the romance tour and embark on the trip of a lifetime. Find love with a gorgeous Asian bride in the most fantastic destination you will ever visit, and You will forever alter your love life for the better. Register today!

In summary,

AsiaThe primary objective of dating websites and Asian marriage tours is to unite two lonely hearts from various regions of the globe. You may securely choose a girl on the matchmaking website and begin speaking with her. When you’re ready to see her in person, the website will supply you with all the required information, organize a dating tour, and support you throughout your stay. Therefore, do not delay; find your ideal match immediately!


What do Asian bride tours involve?

An Asian bride tour is a pre-arranged event that allows you to meet single Asian ladies, generally with a small group of other Western guys. These women are eager to meet you because they wish to marry foreign men.

Who organizes Asian bride tours to Thailand?

Typically, international matchmaking companies conduct Thai bride tours. These matchmaking companies employ many single ladies and knowledge to ensure everyone has an enjoyable time.

What is the typical cost of these romance tours?

Your spending will be divided into two categories. The first is the dating agency fee for event planning and assistance, which might cost several thousand dollars. The second factor is the expense of airfare, lodging, food, etc., which can range between $3,500 and $5,000.

What is the effectiveness of Asian bride tours?

So, not only can you experience a different environment, but you can also talk with local women peacefully and romantically, which frequently leads to forming a relationship.

Are Asian mail-order bride tours safe?

They always are, but only if you work with a reputable tour agent to plan your Asian romance tour.


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