Dating Foreign Women: A Western Man’s Guide

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Dating Foreign Women: A Western Man’s Guide

July 2, 2017 Foreign brides 1

Why is it a good idea to date foreign women?

Mail order brides - Russian and East European women - Asian BridesDating is fun. It always was. However, dating a foreign woman is more exciting as you get exposed to a different culture. It is a fantastic feeling to find someone from another culture which resonates with your thoughts and understands your feelings. Thus, dating foreign women is very appealing. Nowadays, most western men seek foreign partners through online dating sites. You may take this as a fad, but the fact is there are definite reasons behind such psychology.

The reasons why western men prefer to date foreign women

Belarusian Brides - Mail order brides from BelarusDating foreign women has increased manifold nowadays. There are some social as well as personal reasons behind this phenomenon. Let us explore these reasons and determine whether it would be good for you to choose a foreign partner.

Dating a foreign girl is exciting

Knowing someone from another country is thrilling. It is challenging to learn about other cultures and traditions. It opens up the mind and induces self-development.
Foreign women are more attractive – there is no doubt about this. Western men find foreign ladies like Mexican, Russian, and Chinese women beautiful. This has something to do with the women’s lifestyle back home have got used to. Generally, western women lack interest in taking care of themselves. They lose their feminine touch since they are busy with their careers and breaking the glass ceiling. Moreover, they like power dressing and hence do not wear clothes that flatter their bodies.

Another serious issue that plagues western society is obesity. More than half the population is obese now. Even the children are also getting obese, thanks to the faulty lifestyle. Western people prefer junk food, and their fast life doesn’t allow them to exercise time. All these results in love handle, double chins, and potbellies that make the women look unattractive. Women from the Philippines, China, Russia, and Latin America stand in stark contrast to western women with their svelte and fit bodies.

Mexico Brides - Mail order brides from MexicoForeign women are feminine

This is another trait that western men like in foreign women. Almost all women from foreign countries are feminine. They look and dress up femininely. Sexy outfits like skirts, dresses, and tops form a significant part of their wardrobe. Makeup and good shoes form a part of their lifestyle. They love to try different hairdos and attract men. The critical difference between western women and women from other countries is that foreign women embrace their femininity. They are proud to be women and do not aspire to wear pants. They talk modestly, show respect to elders, and help men whenever necessary.

Their femininity is their strength. They get engaged in jobs, progress in their careers without giving up their feminine nature. This empowers them and makes them more attractive to men.
Foreign women are more open and approachable – this may seem ironic, but foreign women are more approachable and open to meeting new people despite being traditional. Women from Eastern European countries, Latin America, Ukraine, and Russia, are friendly and easy to meet. They do not harbor negative feelings about men from other countries. Women from these countries look for foreign husbands.

They are popular as mail-order brides as they are open to interracial relationships.

It has been observed that women from western countries, affluent and successful in their careers, tend to be less friendly. They are not social and are less interested in dating men. In contrast, the women from foreign lands seek matches from American guys.

These women are modest, appreciative, and devoted. They are open, friendly, and love to enjoy. They don’t mind strangers approaching them for any help. They also welcome anyone who offers them a drink.

You may allege that women from developing countries are after the money and hence do not miss any scope to milk cash from the foreigners. They may also get ready to share their bed for the money. However, this is a half-truth as there are such gold diggers in all countries. Women are working in pubs and bars, which are eager to earn extra cash, often in exchange for a sexual favor. Most women from foreign lands love the attention they get from western men. They want to enjoy their life and find suitable matches. Thus, they don’t mind foreigners approaching them for a drink. The women take pride that men are showering their attention.

China is another great place to find a bride. Chinese ladies want to marry Westerners.Moreover, in some countries like Thailand, the people are in general helpful. They consider foreigners (farang) as their guests and help them.

Foreign brides are respectful

Another area where foreign women are different from western women. They are generally more respectful and well-behaved. Very rarely do they shout in public or argue loudly. The traditional society of the Oriental and Latin countries teaches the women to be respectful towards the elders. Since men are given a higher status in society, women respect men. They consider their husbands the head of the family. The husband takes all the major finance and other family matters, and the Asian women are OK with it. They never try to dominate the relationship or the men.

Foreign women also treat their husbands well. Foreign women take care of their men as they consider it their primary duty. They are not contemptuous at heart. They show genuine concern for the men and work hard to please them.

Men, who marry foreign women, usually lead a happy life as there is less tension in the relationship. They can relax and concentrate on their careers as they know their wives would care for the home. Foreign women are authentic and down-to-earth – It has been seen that the ladies from overseas are more original. They are raised humbly and do not have any air. Being more mature and realistic, they know their value. They seldom throw tantrums or demand to be pampered.

They are genuine and expect authentic behavior from others. The men who date them don’t have to play any games to please them. Being yourself is enough. They like guys who are simple, decent, and kind. They only expect care and respect from their men, and hence it is easy to get into relationships with them.

Thousands of mail order brides from Russia, Ukraine, Asia, and other countries are available online

Thousands of mail order brides from Russia, Ukraine, Asia, and other countries are available online.Foreign women have a charm of their own that makes conversations interesting.  Women from the Philippines, China, Russia, and Ukraine are educated deeply in current affairs. They have their own opinions on political and other matters and can engage in meaningful conversations. Although kind and gentle, they have their mind and never accept anything at face value.
The foreign women usually do not resort to any mind games to win men. They are simple at heart and believe in being themselves. Since men prefer innocent and down-to-earth women, they want the foreign girls as their life partners. With girls from other countries, life becomes happy and simple.

Foreign women are less materialistic – many American men are wary of marrying girls from their own country as they are very materialistic. They look for men who are financially well-off so that they can lead a comfortable life. They often marry men only for the sake of their money. Moreover, they are only interested in enjoying luxuries in life. Partying, shopping, and showing off their wealth to their friends are their only objectives in life. In contrast, the foreign ladies are less materialistic.

In most countries, women cannot think of Western women’s luxuries. Thus, to them, these things carry little importance. The culture in these countries encourages women to read, learn new things and develop themselves. Therefore, you would find them interested in many things and pursue different hobbies. They are a lot more interesting than their western counterparts.

Beautiful and single foreign women for marriage from all around the world are available for marriage.Foreign brides are willing to date older men

Unfortunately, there are many countries in Latin America and Southeast Asia where women are not treated well. The younger generation chooses online dating to find husbands who would respect them. Naturally, when choosing men, they look for stability and commitment. So, they tend to marry older men who are also looking for secure relationships. Older Americans can quickly marry beautiful and young foreign brides who cannot find wives in their own country.

Foreign women seek serious relationships

While in the west, marriage has lost its relevance, people still consider it a holy union in the East. Most young people in the west are disinterested in marriages. One-night stands, casual flings, and living together have become the general norm there. Men, who seek long-term partners, are often heartbroken as they cannot find anyone interested in investing time and emotions in a relationship. On the contrary, the people from Russia and Latin America still believe in marriages. The social bonds are still strong here, making the girls want to get married and find happiness in life. The women from these countries mostly get onto online dating to find partners. They seek long-term relationships. For them, having a man in life means marrying him someday. This basic difference in attitude towards members of the opposite sex makes westerners like foreign brides.

Foreign women are more mature

In the traditional societies of the east, the girls are raised with many difficulties. From a tender age, they learn to value life and money. They also have to toil hard to earn their livelihood and hence develop a mature outlook towards life. They take not only responsibility for their own lives but also their parents. This maturity gives them a better perspective on life and its problems. Seldom would you find a Russian or a Ukrainian bride daydreaming about Mr. Perfect? They are well aware that no one is perfect and so don’t dream of such a prince. They happily accept what comes their way and make the best of available opportunities. This makes them happier in life.

Foreign women have good values – again, this has to do with how they have been raised. Societies like Thailand and the Philippines are very orthodox. They still believe in the age-old values of respect, love, and sharing. Relations are still healthier in these countries with the children living with their parents and taking care of them when they grow old.

Dating websites specialize to ladies from East and Southeast Asia. Countries such as the Philippines and ThailandWomen from these overseas countries revere their families. They work hard to keep their marriages intact. They don’t mind taking care of the elderly. They maintain good relations with the in-laws, unlike the western women. They love to have kids and shower them with love. Children born to Russians or Thais are disciplined with a sense of respect. They behave well, imbibe good values from their parents and become good human beings when they grow up.

Foreign girls combine beauty with brains

We know that it is a rare combination, and most men fail to find it in their partners. However, if you are dating women from a foreign country, you can expect them to have beauty and brains. There are some countries where the standard of education is relatively high. Russia, Ukraine, and China belong to this group. Most women in these countries get a higher education. They possess intellect along with beauty that western men find attractive. Unlike their sisters from the west, they read books and newspapers and are aware of the different global problems.
Western men who are bored with women only talking about fashion and celebrities find conversing with foreign ladies stimulating. Men who want an intelligent partner with whom they can connect mentally find relationships with foreign ladies fulfilling.

Traditional romance is held dear by foreign womenForeign ladies believe in traditional romanticism

This may seem funny to you, but the fact is that foreign women are still innocent about the world. They form their ideas about love and romance mainly from books. They still harbor dreams of romancing their men like in the films of the 60s and 70s depict. They are still pure in their hearts and want their men to shower them with love. They want a man who would open doors for them or help them carry bags if you are a man with old-fashioned ideas and need a wife who would fulfill your desires and marry a woman of foreign origin.

Foreign wives value their men – this is true for all relationships for them. The foreign ladies are brought up in a way to appreciate emotions. To them, the family comes first. Thus, when they marry, they give their husbands a higher position in their lives. They don’t show off to respect their partners but actually do so. They keep their husbands happy, share their worries and even try to provide solutions. They become real partners by staying with them through thick and thin.

Foreign brides don’t make you change – most men avoid marriages today as they have to compromise a lot. Men have to give up their habits and friends because their girlfriends don’t approve of them. They are forced to change to make the relationship perfect. However, dating a foreign female doesn’t come with these problems. She would accept you as you are, like you have welcomed her. You can be yourself without compromising your lifestyle or choices and still enjoy a great equation with her.

Find A Bride Or Girlfriend Online: Everything You Need to Know About International DatingForeign women are more cultured – talk about reading books, pursuing different interests, and learning to cook. Foreign women are perfect in this respect. Most of them speak several languages, play musical instruments, are well-read, and inculcate hobbies. They love to learn about different places and cultures. Your Russian or Filipino girlfriend may surprise you with her knowledge of your country’s customs.

Foreign mail order brides are more passionate lovers than domestic mail order brides.Foreign mail order brides are more passionate lovers

This is true for Thai women, Latin ladies, and Russian women. They are passionate about life and love too. The romance, party hard, drink and enjoy life. Although they work hard, they still like to enjoy themselves. They can even make sparks fly in the bedroom. If you have ever dated a Brazilian or Peruvian woman, you would know what I mean. Similarly, Russian women take lovemaking to a different height. Thus, your sex life would be full of surprises if you married a foreign lady.

You can visit many places if you date foreign women – if you love adventure and want to see different countries, dating foreign girls gives you the perfect excuse to visit new lands. You can learn about new cultures, visit exotic places and enrich yourself.  Russian women are very popular with western men, and they make the perfect bride. When it comes to marriage, Russian women are pretty conventional. They want men to be head of the household while they do all domestic duties and raise kids. At the same time, Russian women are naturally gorgeous and spend a lot of time making themselves appear suitable. They like applying beautiful cosmetics and dressing up for entertainment purposes. They are different; for example, there are numerous Russian blondes in Russia, Kazakh or Uzbek brunettes, and so on. Who wouldn’t want such a lovely wife? Russia is, without a doubt, one of the finest destinations to meet foreign ladies.

We hope you don’t doubt joining online dating and finding a foreign bride for yourself.

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