Romance tours to the Philippines

Meet the most beautiful Filipino women at Philippine brides

Romance tours to the Philippines

September 12, 2023 Filipina brides 2

International Romance Tours to Philippines

A Philippine romance trip will allow you to meet Filipino women for marriage

Meet hundreds of single Philippine women on a dating tour for single men to the Philippines and meet your Filipina wife. Are you ready to go on a marriage tour to the Philippines? Who has not noticed these beautiful Philippine women online? The long-legged lasses slashing down the ramp in their hourglass figures and perfect features exude charm, elegance, and sexuality. You have seen them on the covers of fashion magazines. They rule the beauty pageants. They even charm us in Hollywood movies. Now is your chance if you have ever dreamt of dating a Filipina. A romance tour to the Philippines would open the door to Asian dating for you.

Meet the beautiful exotic women of the Philippines during a marriage tours.

What is an Asian romance tour?

A romance tour to the Philippines will allow you to meet some of Asia’s most gorgeous and exotic ladies. Travel to the Philippines to meet your future bride! Join us on our single or group tours to enjoy the most excellent Filipino bride tours! Romance tours are the most exciting thing to ever happen to you. The introduction to attractive single Filipina ladies will begin, and you will meet your new Filipino girlfriend. We will introduce you to our carefully picked girls, make you feel at ease, set a romantic mood, and take care of everything that will make you and the girl feel at ease. You can select between the two main packages or contact us if you have a particular need, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Find a Filipina wife in the Philippines

For a long time, the Philippines has been the favorite of Western travelers. People who look for adventure and water sports facilities visit the Philippines. The archipelago is perfect for tourists seeking marine experiences with numerous islands and rich marine life. The Philippines has become a global tourist destination with a mild climate, friendly people, and many good hotels and resorts. Another advantage of this country is that most people speak English; thus, language doesn’t act as a barrier.

Moreover, Christianity is the main religion that diminishes religious barriers. Hence, westerners love the Philippines. Of course, the women are an added attraction. Nowhere in this world would you see women looking like models roaming around on the streets. They provide a visual treat for the tourists, igniting their fantasies. Do you harbor any illusions about Filipinas? Now is the time to realize them. Undertake a romance tour to the Philippines and make your dream of dating a Filipina come true.

Dating Filipino women tour to Davao & Cebu

The Philippines, located on the continent of Asia, consists of several islands. As a tourist destination, it has its appeal. The women add to this charm with beauty, sex appeal, and warm personalities. No wonder Western men dream of dating girls from the Philippines. Take a romance tour to find out how gorgeous these Asian women of this country are. These dating tours are conducted throughout the year. The experienced dating services perform them to help you find your Filipina bride. Whether you have just joined the dating scenario, want to try your luck in the Philippines, or are a veteran pissed off with native women, a Filipina is waiting for you here. Filipino women are not concerned with age but with the maturity of men. Thus, young girls are ready to date older men if they can provide them with love and stability. So, don’t worry about your age. If you are young and looking for love, join a romantic tour of the Philippines.

Tour to meet Filipina ladies in Davao and Cebu

What kind of activities are included in Philippine dating tours?

There are different prices for Philippine dating tours across the different dating services and tour agencies. The price is determined not only by the travel agency but also by the services that are included in this dating trip. You will have the opportunity to become familiar with the various international dating services offered when you select a romance tour. This will allow you to determine the most appropriate and cost-effective option to pursue now. The total cost of a dating tour in the Philippines ranges between $3,500 and $10,000. Let’s talk about the costs of a dating tour to the Philippines now to understand better the total amount of money you will need to spend, and the kinds of services included.

  • Two fully catered, specific invitations, large Socials
  • World-class Hotel accommodations in Davao, Philippines
  • Unlimited Personal Introductions
  • Airport Pickup
  • Breakfast daily
  • One hotel area and city orientation tour
  • 24-hour hospitality and guidance from our tour staff
  • In-house complimentary interpreting services in our offices
  • 1 month Platinum Membership ($95.00 value)
  • Publication “The Foreign Bride Travel Guide” ($25 value)

Our socials, where hundreds of Filipino women arrive, dressed in their best, hoping to meet the man they want to be with, are truly indescribable. While our group tours are top-rated among international men and Davao women, we also offer year-round club tours for those interested in an international dating experience. You can order the services of a personal assistant, who will stay in contact with you while you are on your trip. This additional option may or may not be included in the cost of the romance tour.

Romance Tour to Davao and Cebu in the Philippines to Meet Filipina Women

Philippines Romance Tour Schedule 2024

Philippines Romance Tour CitiesfromtoDaysCost
Davao PhilippinesMarch 8thMarch 21st7, 10, or 14 days$2395
Cebu PhilippinesAugust 23rdAugust 29th7 days/6 nights$2395
Cebu PhilippinesAugust 23rdSeptember 1st10 days/9 nights$2795
Cebu PhilippinesAugust 23rdSeptember 5th14 days/13 nights$3295
Davao PhilippinesOctober 4thOctober 10th7 days/6 nights$2395
Davao PhilippinesOctober 4thOctober 13th10 days/9 nights$2795
Davao PhilippinesOctober 4thOctober 17th14 days/13 nights$3395


A romance tour would help you to discover the beauty of the Philippines.

The Philippines is a popular destination for romance tours. Meet Filipina ladies on a tour to Davao and Cebu, the Philippines.

What can a romance tour to the Philippines mean for you?

Everything, briefly. A romance tour is a comprehensive tour of the Philippines that ensures love, romance, fun, and adventure. On this tour, you would get a chance to meet the stunning women of the archipelago, know them closely, give your love life an uplift, and have an excellent time in this country.

Meet the beautiful exotic women of the Philippines - Asian marriage tourA romance tour mainly stresses opportunities to meet single women from the islands. Thus, they organize multiple social events attended by hundreds of Filipinas. Philippine women are educated, sophisticated, and interested in dating foreign guys like you. Romance tours are designed to ensure you enjoy your Philippines stay. You will stay in hotels in Davao or Cebu, the two most current and vital locations in the archipelago. At every step, our staff will guide you and help you. We choose hotels that can provide you with modern facilities. With complimentary breakfast and superior service, enjoy oriental hospitality.

Use your charm to make the Filipinas fall for you. It would be easier as most Filipino women speak English, and the language doesn’t pose any problem in your dating life. Use this opportunity to get to know the Filipinas so that you can make as many friends as possible. Take down their phone numbers and other details to go out with them later. We also arrange to meet women from our catalog in a private setting, apart from the socials. Thus, you can easily choose a few women for personal dates and finally select your Filipina bride. You would be taken around the city in buses for sightseeing. Visit the nightclubs and enjoy your time. With so much to offer, the romance tours of the Philippines would be more than satisfying. So, choose a reliable dating service that conducts romance tours and would help you to connect to your life partner.

Best dating site to meet a Filipina wife?

Online dating is prevalent in the Philippines, but not all are worth investing time and money in. We’ll discuss the best Filipina dating services that will be popular in 2023 in this guide to Filipino women dating. That’s not all; we’ll show you how to have a good relationship with a Filipina girl afterward.

One of the most popular Filipina dating sites, with more than 80,000 female users, an easy-to-use interface, and many premium features. On, it’s not only about live chat and emails. Here, but you can also use video chat and call a woman to hear her voice. However, this dating website isn’t that cheap, especially if you spend hours in a video chat. If you prefer a mobile dating app, this website is also a great option because there is an excellent app (unfortunately, it’s only available for Android smartphones).

Rating: 4.8 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Cebu Women Dating - Cebu Single Women Online

Why date a Filipina woman?

Apart from their beauty and sex appeal, the girls from the Philippines are lovely human beings. They are raised with good values. They behave well in public. The traditional culture teaches them to respect men and elders. Thus, Filipinas would never publicly criticize their husbands or misbehave with them. Filipinas are born to be happy. They smile a lot and are always in a good mood. This naturally affects the people around them. If you have a Filipina bride, you will never feel morose. She would always manage to make you smile.

Filipinas are smart. They value education. They are raised against a lot of odds which makes them resilient. They keep on learning throughout their lives and apply them in daily situations. Their eagerness to learn makes them resourceful. Philippine women are very romantic. They always get gifts when they go on a romance tour without their men. This is how they let them know they missed their boyfriends or spouses. Similarly, they would cook for you and ensure you get your food piping hot when you return. Thus, a Filipina bride is not only a perfect girlfriend but a caring wife too.

Philippines women seek marriage - international dating with Philippine womenAnother quality of these women would amaze you. They appreciate simple things. You don’t have to buy them jewelry or dresses to make them happy. Simple things like flowers or a movie date are enough to please her. A Filipina wants to feel loved. She needs your assurance. She will be the happiest person if you are sincere in your feelings and express them to her.

Filipino women love adventure. When it comes to trying a new food or taking up a new hobby, she would be the first one to volunteer. With her ever-inquisitive nature, life would never be boring. She would always be by your side, whether on an exotic vacation or backpacking to a new location.

Loyalty defines the women from the Philippines. When they love a man, they love with their whole heart. They believe in marriage and commitment. Thus, casual dating doesn’t appeal to them. They get into online dating or become mail-order brides to find a permanent partner. They date to find the right partner they can spend their whole life with. For them, love and dedication come first. Knowing all this, aren’t you eager to date a Filipina? Get on a marriage tour to the Philippines and find your Filipina lady love in one of the idyllic islands of this charming country.


There’s no denying that the Philippines is a land of magic and fantastical wonders. A Western man can enjoy the nearby sandy beaches and the attractive exotic women. Don’t hesitate if you’ve been thinking about a Filipina bride tour after reading this article! Contact the travel agency, and it will help you plan the trip of a lifetime.

Marry a Filipina bride


What are the characteristics of a Filipina bride?

Foreign men long for Filipina wives. Intriguingly, local girls are willing to wed foreigners. These women aren’t afraid of the men’s wealth or maturity. They want to have fun. In the Philippines, young Filipina brides are frequently married to older European or American grooms. The traditional upbringing of Filipino brides appeals to many foreign grooms.

Can you find a Filipina bride online?

That’s real, and the process has gotten much more straightforward in recent years. To find a Filipina bride, you must join a credible dating site and search for one online. You’ll find various communication tools and additional services to help you communicate better and have a more realistic online dating experience. For example, you can send your Filipino bride flowers and gifts.

Do the Philippines have many mail-order brides?

Many women are turning to international dating websites to find a partner. Most Filipina women seeking a foreign husband are willing to relocate and start a family in a new country.

Is a Filipina woman someone you can trust?

No one can deny that Filipino brides are among the most trustworthy and dedicated in the world. Deception and lying are not tolerated because they are such devout Christians.

A Filipino girl’s interest in you can be gauged in several ways.

If you’re interested in a Filipino bride and want to know if she’s interested in you, you should pay attention to her actions. Whenever a local woman is interested in you, she grins when you make fun of her, keeps texting you, and flirtatiously seeks your full attention.

Why do Filipino mail-order brides seek foreign men?

To foreign men, Filipino mail-order brides are polite and friendly. What about Filipina women makes them want to leave their country in search of a foreign man? They need a man who will be there for them at every step. Men from other countries are known to be well-educated, well-off, and responsible.

What’s the best place to meet a Filipina wife online, anyway?

Meet thousands of beautiful single Philippines women online looking for men for dating, love, marriage from the Philippines.Regarding online dating sites, the Philippines stands out from other countries because it has a long history of allowing singles to meet and form traditional relationships that can lead to marriage. In addition to being simple to use, most of these matchmaking websites offer a wide range of advanced features. Your intentions don’t matter; you can rest assured that you will find a wife compatible with your character.

Websites like — Filipina brides flock to this popular dating site in droves. There is a large user base in major cities like Manila and Cebu. Various paid membership options are available to meet the needs of each user. Another selling point of this website’s content is that non-native English speakers can access online translations. For the first time, you can sign up using your Facebook account.

What exactly is a Filipina bride tour?

A once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Philippines for a romantic getaway could change your outlook on life. What about Filipino women attracting men from all over the world? The answer is obvious: Filipino women find foreign men tremendously attractive. In addition to their great looks, these women exude grace and refinement. Because of this, foreigners find these women attractive as brides because they know how to fill a man’s life with devotion, love, and sentiment.

How much does it cost to bring a Filipina to the United States?

What is the average cost of a Filipina bride? It is simple and inexpensive to bring a Filipina to the United States. This is a tedious and aggravating procedure. To enter the United States, all foreign fiancees of American citizens must obtain a K-1 visa. One year and $1,000 later, you’ve finally received your Visa. A small wedding in the Philippines costs $4,000 on average.

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  1. Cebu says:

    One of the most incredible experiences of my life was a recent trip I took to Cebu, Philippines, organized by the group “A Foreign Affair” (AFA). Meeting beautiful women who truly have an interest in American men is an experience akin to entering a parallel universe. I am certain that more Americans might be going to the Philippines, Thailand, Columbia, and other countries that AFA offers tours to if they were aware of this opportunity.

    Philippine women are the epitome of sincerity and simplicity that one could desire. They are intelligent, appreciative, and refreshingly straightforward, yet they possess a level of common sense that is comparable to or surpasses that of women in the Western world. I believe this is largely attributable to their close bond and their tendency to frequently assume responsibility for one another.

    The excursion was facilitated in a highly professional yet individualized fashion by AFA, which is incomparably organized. The level of attention that AFA devotes to every single client is extraordinary. Furthermore, the local Philippine staff exhibited the same benevolent dispositions as the qualified women.

    It is my belief that women in the Philippines prioritize meeting men who, among other qualities, are honest, liable, and committed. These are qualities that they may not always find in men from their home countries but hold in high regard for American men.

    International love and marriage may appear to be daunting endeavors, requiring considerable effort, financial investment, and time. However, dating in the United States also requires time and money, if not more. Consider that you will encounter hundreds of lovely young women on a single AFA tour. In contrast to enduring months (and years) of costly domestic dating that frequently results in nothing but disappointment. The option seems fairly obvious.

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